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Cookers and pre-heaters


Fjell designs several versions of:

- Singlestage screw cooker

- Double stage screw cooker

Typically first stage uses waste heat and second stage low pressure steam.

Our disc cooker is the best solution for process control and increasing oil yield from marine and animal raw material. The two stage solutions give better process control.

Our cookers are manufactured with a steam heated (up to 10 barge) rotor with multiple discs. Indirect heat is gently applied to the residual giving full coagulation control and efficiency.

We deliver all the classic sizes of Stord SS type cookers from small units for a few MT raw material per hour to the large SS160/14 rated for 30 MT per hour.

For new installations, we recommend our special two stage screw cooker system with improved process control and more sensitive energy usage.

This cooker system has proven to reduce stick water, suspended solids content, give better process control and increase the oil yield from marine and animal raw material.


Large heating surface provides optimum heat transfer to residual and process contorl

Extremely compact design and effective

Long life reliablity due to state of the art shafts and bearings (automatic oil-lubricated)

Reduces stickwater and suspended solids content

Increase of oil yield

Fjell Cooker


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In the year 2000 Fjell Technology Group AS decided to develop a robust and energy efficient rotor design especially designed for modern manufacturing methods like robotic welding. We had a competent staff and senior personnel with experience from design, manufacturing and the installation of about 2000 Stord dryers since the introduction of the technology, which took place in the late fifties.

We added some young innovative engineers skilled in state of the art engineering design and analysis techniques. The result was the Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer with a unique patented disc design, based on efficient manufacturing techniques.

Problems with leakage after some wear and tear on the welds are practically eliminated, as we have experienced zero leakage on our discs produced after year 2000.


  • Treatment Plants

  • Fishmeal in both land based and ship installed plants
  • Ingredients in the food industry
  • Replacement rotors and units for cookers