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An automatic 5 step integrated wastewater treatment system with superior capture rate.

Complete treatment process that achieves results which fulfil strict discharge requirements

High reduction of SS, COD, BOD-5, Tot P, grease, heavy metals and microplastics

Robust and extensively tested solution delivered and optimized over more than 20 years

Pilot demonstration on-site can be performed on request

Plug-and-play units for cost effective installation

Does what it says on the tin! – It actually works! 60 m3/h means minimum 60m3/h! Capacity per module: 20 m3/h. 100% Scalability.

Micro Plastics removal >99% - released from Bio filters etc

Good Operational Contingency – standalone lines.

Ultra Low Energy usage – approx. - 0.2 kW power and 0.03 litre polymer per m3 of treated effluent

No extra polymer required for thickening from 6% to over 20%

Automatic and optimised dosing

Fjell AL-2 High Capture Separation System

Fjell AL-2 High Capture Separation System

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An all in one complete wastewater treatment system. The wastewater is structured through use of coalgualants and polymer before it enters the first bandfilter which thicken the sludge to approximate 5% drymatter content (DM). The sludge then enters a second bandfilter which dewaters the sludge to above 20% DM.

A proven system with the highest capture rate in the market. Can be used both for wastewater from fishfarms as well as wastewater from slaughterhouses and processing plants.

Each separation system module with 20 m3 per hour treatment capacity and each module work separate from the other modules.