Advanced drying system

FTG are participating in development and supply of an advanced drying system to handle demanding biproducts. The biproducts comes from a new advanced and very environmentally friendly industrial process developed a European company. The drying process developed especially for the customer and the new innovative industrial process. Biproducts that before has been considered hazardous waste is now turned into profitable ingredients.

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R&D project

We have been involved during heavy R&D efforts and several R&D test trials in both Norway and in another EU countries

The customer has invested a lot in developing a new revolutionary industrial process. The process convert biproducts that has no commercial use into bio-chemicals that can be used as ingredients in different applications. Both the main industrial process and the handling of biproducts are good examples of circular economy, making the world a little greener.

featured image thumbnail for project R&D project
featured image thumbnail for project R&D project

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