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Converting sludge into a valuable resource


Fjell Technology Group recycles sludge from fishfarms and municipal waste water plants. The sludge is used as an additive in fertiliser or other agricultural products.

Land-based fish farming is an expanding industry, which will continue to grow in the coming years. With more fish farms being established on land, waste management becomes an increasing concern.

The land-based farms must dispose of fish sludge consisting mainly of uneaten fish food and faeces.

The machinery can be installed at any land-based fish farming facility or wastewater plant. The system purifies the wastewater without using chemical polymer, dewaters the sludge, and dries the sludge from 0.1 per cent Dry Matter (DM) and up to 99 per cent DM. This process is branded as Fjell Fishsludge Recovery System (FRS).

Waste water is also an ongoing concern for many municipalities and waste management authorities, who have to manage public sewage and waste streams for growing populations.

Fjell’s dryer design is patented and market-leading. For drying large volumes of sludge it is the most energy-efficient dryer available on the market.

The dried sludge is repurposed as an additive for producing fertiliser, or in other agricultural products that rely on nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Concrete benefits

Fjell’s technology contributes to a circular economy by recycling sludge to fertilizer.

The solution helps fish farmers and municipal waste plants to minimise the need for waste management and transport, which cuts both costs and emissions from production and treatment processes.

FTG has delivered its biowaste handling equipment worldwide, including Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

At a glance

- Purifies the wastewater without the use of chemical polymer, high capture rate.

- Recycling of fish sludge and wastewater for fertiliser

- Dries waste water up to 99%

- Reduces the need for sludge transport

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